The Interview

As you hopefully gathered from the title of this post, I watched The Interview recently, and this is about that…

I didn’t expect much at all from this. I expected an over-the-top raunchy, new age SNL level, lame attempt at comedy, bro film made to cater to the mass audience of “comedy” consuming folk of the new wave of movies that are poor excuses for comedy. I didn’t expect to laugh very much…I laughed a lot.

I really enjoyed the movie. But I’m a sucker for a great comedy duo (not calling Rogen and Franco greats, but I think they’re pretty great). David Spade and Chris Farley, Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, The Three Stooges, Cheech and Chong, Parks and Rec, and Frodo and Sam (it’s fitting). Having said that, the best part of the movie was definitely the awkwardly hilarious interactions between Rogen and Franco. They reminded me of my interactions with my friends and they just seemed naturally awkward. So it definitely appealed to me. It felt like I was just watching Franco and Rogen have every day conversations with each other for most of the movie (you basically are). Franco really isn’t that funny in my opinion, but many times I found myself laughing because he was so not funny that it was entertaining.

There is a lot of raunchy humor in this movie. A LOT. Please don’t watch this with your family unless you enjoy awkwardly awkward experiences and horrifying your parents. I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone mainly because of the raunchy humor in the movie. It’s heavily geared toward a male audience. Pretty much everything about it screams “Your girlfriend will hate you for making her watch this” (obviously not all girls will hate it, though. Just a generalization on my part). The story is freaking hilarious. It’s a plot to assassinate Kim Jong-un that involves a comedic talk show host (Franco) as the assassin. They score an interview with Jong-un because he’s a fan of the show and they’re flown to N.K. to do the scripted interview. The events in the movie are mostly ludicrous and hilarious. Warning: There’s a really random couple-second-long sex scene that’s pretty unnecessary as well as a party scene with some nudity. There’s a few unnecessary scenes that I really could have gone without, but that’s expected from Rogen and Franco. Other than that, I enjoyed basically every second of the movie. The level of satire in the movie is great. The entire thing throws all of the views of N.K. and its leader at the viewer and the movie does a cool job of portraying a view on Jong-un.

I don’t want to ruin anything in this short review, so I don’t want to give too many details. It’s very entertaining and I recommend it to guys. It’s a great guys night movie unless you struggle with the things that are involved in the movie. Crude humor makes up most of the inappropriate content in the movie. It was immensely better than what I thought it would be. The political satire was wonderful. If you’ve seen The Dictator and liked it, you should definitely enjoy this. There are many serious lessons that you could draw from this movie, but I’ll let you decide what they are. Overall, it’s a great comedy movie with an interesting story and some action (they go Tarantino at one point). I could have done without some of the raunchy humor, though. Also: lots of LOTR references. That was awesome.

This review was much shorter than my last one, and I might have left quite a few things out because this is a comedy movie and there really isn’t a lot that I can write about this movie. If you’d like to know more of my thoughts, just let me know!

The Interview

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